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Release the fear, trust and have faith

  • April 5, 2020

Release the fear, trust and have faith that the path set before us will end in the best possible way for humanity. We have the support of Our Divine Creator, Beings of Love and Light and each other.   Vernacular…

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The Message”…No Timeline is Set in Stone…”

  • April 2, 2018

I encourage you to read this message of direction, empowerment and hope. ~Laurene The Message"...No Timeline is Set in Stone..." Channeled and Translated by Zurilius Ra Aŗçţųŗįāŋ Coųŋçįl męşşāgę ţo ţђę āwāķęŋęd şoųlş. Cђāŋŋęled. 3/29/18. Tђįş męşşāgę ţooķ mę 2…

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