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Blog - Guardians Of Mother Earth
Acknowledge your inner Divinity, be a guardian for Mother Earth. (Photo 1)


I am the guardian of the heart of Mother Earth.  This responsibility is not mine alone.  We all must find our paths, release the fear and empower ourselves, lest fall victim and become prey.  Transcendence is our birthright, seize this opportunity, become a paladin for Mother Earth, humanity and all beings who call Mother Earth home. You must see yourself in a higher light.  You must acknowledge your inner Divinity and reflect that knowing out to the world. Fear is not the burden of humanity, it is an illusion place before you as a tool of manipulation and control.  Do not acquiesce, trust, have faith, awaken to your true inner Divinity and heal Mother Earth from the heart center, for it is in the heart that all wars are won.

Blog - 4Th Chakra
It is in the heart that all wars are won. (Photo 2)
Blog - 4Th Chakra Love
Fourth Chakra: Love (Photo 3)







Photo credit  1: Support Mother Earth – Violet Flame meditation

Photo credit 2: HEART CHAKRA HEALING – A Guided Meditation

Photo credit 3: Anahata: Fourth Chakra: Love


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